How to participate in the project

You are invited to record your observations of the material in this database. Contact Jane to receive a feedback form.

You are also invited to reconstruct the knitted items. Measurements such as yarn diameter, ply and gauge are provided in addition to fibre diameter if you would like to find a sheep fleece that matches the original and spin your own yarn.

The KEME Team is still on the trail of fleece and yarn which replicates the original plushy surface of the knitted caps in the museum collections. If you would like to join the search by knitting experimental swircles (circular swatches of knitted fabric) get in touch with Jane. Here's how to get started:

Swircle instructions
What our knitters are saying

‘I've always been interested in social history including the study of food, clothing and craft in various eras. Wonderful to be able to actually participate in some of the research!’

‘I knit a lot and have more than a passing interest in historic hand knits’

‘I am a reenactor, knitter, and a bit of an independent scholar and would love the opportunity to participate in real research’

‘I'm an ethnologist and crafts teacher, also I do historical reenactment. I find these period techniques and patterns utterly fascinating’

‘I love history, textiles, clothing and knitting’

‘I'm a knitter and an early modern theatre researcher, so the KEME project sounds amazing!’

‘I'm a historian who likes to knit, and I like to combine theory with practical work. And since knitting has been such an important craft learning more about its early stages would be very interesting’